Living a meaningful life


The holidays are upon us and soon we will be celebrating the end of another year. In retrospect, 2013 has been an amazing year. It all started for me on January 4, 2013, when I took a 6 hour lighting class. From that point on, I found myself addicted to studio lighting and all its possibilities. I embarked myself on an incredible journey. What I thought i knew, was only the beginning of what I was about to learn. For the next six months, I took extended workshops, studied on line, invested in lighting and camera gear. By the end of May, my brain was on overdrive, but my passion for my trade and thirst for knowledge was not fulfilled. I pushed myself further. From July through September, my work was displayed at my very first gallery. It was a success. Believing my editing was weak, only using Lightroom, I needed to overcome my fear of Photoshop. In August, I jumped right in, bought Photoshop CS6 and explored other editing programs. I bought them all, learned them all. Soon realizing that there were not enough hours in the day to accomplish all I wanted to do, I started getting up at 2:00 am and everyday studied until 5:00 am. I quit my exercise class, stopped taking time for myself and cancelled my social activities. In November.... everything came down to a sudden crash! Shortly after a client shoot (not the best timing I might add), my computer and professional printer broke down. It was a DISASTER. They had to be replaced. Last Saturday, I was back on track. One day later, on the way back from a shoot with a couple of friends, one of my cameras and two of my most expensive lenses fell out of my bag. They are damaged and broken.

I am a firm believer that things in life happen for a reason. All life events are lessons to learn from. Life is a balancing act. Without proper balance, one can't properly function and in the end only achieves self-destruction. As we move forward to the end of the year, what I know for sure is that I need to learn to slow down, take time for myself and never lose sight of the important value of living a meaningful life. I look forward to 2014. New adventures, new opportunities. Today, I will enjoy Thanksgiving just like normal people do. Cheers everyone!