Photo Gallery

It is happening and it is for real. Yesterday, I received the last piece of artwork that I will be displaying at my gallery. On July, 3rd in the evening, my work will be on display for the next three months. There is an announcement which will be coming soon in the newspaper. The open house for my gallery is scheduled for Friday July 12th, 5-7 pm. I hope to see you all!


Chrissie Laing

Photographer @ C. Laing Photography

Chrissie Laing is a landscape, portrait, lifestyle, beauty and fashion photographer based in Eugene, Oregon.

Her passion for photography started at seven years old, with an obsession for landscape photography. Her inspiration was fed by the beautiful images created by Ansel Adams. A few months ago, she took a class in studio lighting and fashion photography. The photo shoot was a success. Her focus suddenly changed as she suddenly discovered how manipulating light can affect an image. Chrissie loves the outdoors and also thrives on working with people. Being able to create images in a natural as well as studio setting is what she loves to do.

Some of her work can be viewed at her website: