Cannon Beach photo shoot

Hello everyone, I am back!. My long awaited vacation has come and is almost gone. Needless to say, it has been one marvelous week. It all started last Sunday with a trip up the coast to Cannon Beach, OR. I had a workshop scheduled on Monday night with Hal Harrison, Owner at Rose City Photography, and I wanted to get a little head start and spend some time on the beach, doing what I love to do...... play.. play... play. I was not disappointed. The weather was incredible. The hotel room was right on the beach and I had a clear view of Haystack Rock. Monday night came and so did the workshop. I met up with other photographers, and we set camp in a secluded area so we could go wild and do what we love to do. The wind was fierce and our models were getting cold. Most of them however stuck around and gave us their best smiles. They were absolutely fantastic and amazing. Following are some of the frames that I took.