Out with the old ...in with the new

After a wonderful meeting with my incredible mentor Paul Rudinsky, followed by another  meeting with my trainer and great friend, Michael Reis, I decided to go home and play with some images. The time has come for me to take this journey to another level. I am very grateful for my friends Ryan Hockett and Jeremy Kruempel for always being there for me whenever I need a kick in the you know what! Over the last few months, each and everyone of these wonderful men have played an intricate part in my journey. They have become my "unit," and I feel very fortunate to have them in my life. As my knowledge grows, I get closer and closer to fine tuning my "signature style". Believe me, it's the hard part! I am  looking forward to 2014. I have a vision. I have some great ideas and some wonderful projects in the works. Ryan & Jeremy, please never stop pushing me.