Putting things in motion

After spending the last few weeks trying to conduct business between two different continents, dealing with the frustration of thick bureaucracy and time difference, I am happy to report that as of yesterday, I feel a tremendous sense of relief and accomplishment. Yesterday, following an email I sent to the French consul in San-Francisco, I received a phone call from his assistant.

Early this morning, I was informed that the process involved in the renewal of my French passport is being expedited. I could not be happier. The weeks to come are bound to have their fare share of difficulties. Knowing that I can put a check mark on a couple of things and call them "done" feels absolutely fantastic.

2014 is bound to be an interesting year. I hope that each and every one of you will tag along and be part of my journey and its success. I plan to focus my energy on the people who help me be, and help me feed my thirst for life. Expand my photography to new levels. I am extremely excited about going back to my home town, seeing my family and friends and of course, work in Paris. It is going to be great.

In the weeks to come, I also plan on doing a lot of studio shoot. If interested, message me. I have a very busy calendar ahead of me. It is going to be super crazy but I can do it. So friends, stick around and watch me glow! On this good note.... I have a photo shoot to edit. Cheers everyone!