Harvest time

Growing your own vegetables is absolutely wonderful and it is a lot of fun. This year, I decided to expand my raise beds and grow a myriad of vegetables, herbs and fruits.  I must admit I had a couple of hick ups and failures, but I learned from my mistakes and next year I will know better. This morning, I decided to harvest some fresh zucchini and make a double batch of zucchini bread. So yummy. I thought I was pretty well caught up on my zucchini harvesting until I went back in the yard this afternoon. More zucchini are ready to be picked!.  Time to do some research on the 100 ways of cooking zucchini. 

My vacation is slowly coming to an end. I have  enjoyed my time off tremendously. It has been a lot of fun, living life doing whatever, whenever. I am already planning my next escape, but before I do that, I need to plan my upcoming photo shoot. Life is good and all is well.