I am back in town for a short while

Hi everyone!.

While it felt good to be away for a while, it is really nice to be back in town for the night. July is always my favorite  month  to go to the ocean. I think that a lot of it has to do with my childhood where every year, my family and I took off to Brittany for the entire summer and did not return to Paris until the end of August. Those days are long gone, but I still remember them vividly and I have the most wonderful memories. Yeah, I know....some people, just never grow up!

 In the years past, we have always gone to Cannon Beach. This year, I wanted to stay a little closer to home.  So instead, we went to Newport. The hotel was right on the waterfront and the room had a view of the ocean. It was great, but it was also VERY cold and windy!. Nothing stopped us from taking daily long walks on the beach, feel the wind..... and eat SAND!. 

I did not take as many photos as I intended to by fear of damaging my camera gear, but I am happy with what I came back with. Tomorrow, I am off to the cabin on the McKenzie, to spend some time hiking, riding my bike,and  play until I am ready to quit. I thought that I would share a couple of photos with you. I hope that you like them. Cheers everyone!