>>>> Last Saturday, Tiffany and I had a photo session scheduled at the studio.  Along came her daughter Rylie and her best friend Ashley. While Tiffany & I were working, every now and then we could hear some serious giggling going on in the other room. At one point, I was anxious to find out what was up. As I walked in the large studio, I caught the two of them taking a myriad of "selfies" in front of the mirror, then I found them on the bed and the sofa. It was obvious that they were GETTING BORED! It was also getting really obvious that they  wanted to have their time in front of the camera. Next is what happened.<<<<<<

In the end,  beautiful images were created. Many years from now, I hope that Rylie and Ashley will still be friends and will one day get a chance to sit down and say, "hey do you remember when we did this shoot?" Photographing people is what I love to do. It is always an honor and pleasure to be the one who gets to immortalize the beauty of people. I love my job, and I look forward to more opportunities. Cheers !