>>>> While some of you may be considering me by now missing in action, the truth of the matter is, I have been swamped! I have had the most amazing six weeks, filled with photo sessions, business meetings, and training classes. A week ago Monday, I had the immense pleasure and honor of attending a training class in Portland with Joe McNally, one of the most incredible photographers in the whole world. Not only is Joe an AMAZING artist, he also happens to be a super nice and down to earth person . His seminar was a wealth of information, and I look forward in the weeks to come to apply what I have learned. I was fortunate to purchase one of his latest books and get my own autographed copy. How cool is that?

I would like to extend a huge thank you to all the wonderful people who have come in front of my lens in these last few weeks. As some of you may now, all this non-stop running around has caught up with me, and I have spent the last week being sick. As of today, I am back in the living and I intend to resume all activities real soon. As you can imagine.... I am playing catch up. I won't mind it too much if it rains this weekend, as I will be spending most of my time editing and delivering images. In the interim.... here's is a sneak preview. Enjoy!