>> I know that it has been a while since I have posted anything on my blog, but hey.... I am back. This year, I have decided to take my photography to a different level, and while doing photo sessions is still important to me, I have elected to back off a bit and spend quality time living life. Truth be told, last December I realized that working seven days a week without a day off in 17 weeks was not a healthy way of living. Mind you, I knew that all along, but I found myself being wrapped up in my work to a point where it took over my life. I am one of those individuals who has a lot of hobbies and I am also very passionate about a lot of the things that life has to offer. I live for the outdoors, love to exercise, absolutely LOVE photography and I love to cook and garden. Since January, I have been catching up on lost times and pretty much doing it all. I feel good and all is well. I will be heading back to the studio to work next weekend and as a matter of fact, I am presently completely booked through April already making reservations for the second week of May. If you haven't booked your shoot, hurry up and do it now!. I am also happy to report that I have officially entered my second worldwide contest. I will not know the results until the end of April. I did one single entry in the portrait category. If I do happen to be one of the winners, I will be going to London to showcase my work in my own gallery. Fingers crossed!

The above image was taken at the local market while waiting for a couple of friends. In the weeks to come, I plan on doing some street photography, perhaps show you some of the foods that I cook and add more variety to this blog. Until then, Cheers my friends!<<