>>>In the last few months, I have taken a sabbatical trying to decide whether or not I wanted to continue being a photographer or just simply fold the towel. All of this was brought on by a very nasty photo session in which I ended up questioning this entire industry. Yes. my last photo session in 2015 was a royal pain in the you know what. I recently shared some of my thoughts with my dear friend Stevi, a very talented photographer in the Eugene area. What she wrote back was a key factor in my decision NOT to quit. And so, I am happy to report that this coming weekend, I will be going back to work. I love my job WAY TOO much to call it quit. The following images were taken, while I was waiting to go on a dinner date with one of my girlfriends. Life is good and all is well. Stay tuned for my latest photo session<<<

Random shots inspiring random thoughts.