Today, as I was walking along the boardwalk in Newport, this beautiful lady approached me and offered me a rose. As I was inquiring about  the nature of her kind gesture, she proceeded with the following. " Today is a beautiful day, it is also my husband's birthday. I come here every year on his birthday and give away roses" . I suddenly encountered great difficulty swallowing and held back tears. My first instinct was to thank her for the rose and  get on with my walk. I could not stop thinking about her and what I should have done. I decided to retrieve my steps and return to the bench where she was seating in hope that she would still be there. Upon seeing her, I asked permission to give her a big hug and have our photo taken. Her eyes turned bright red and a tear rolled down her cheek. 


Today is a beautiful day. It is also someone's birthday

Life is a beautiful journey. Live it fully, love deeply.