Hey there.  While some you have heard, after taking a 12 months sabbatical following my brother's unexpected passing, I am going back to work. I am extremely grateful that I am able to go back to my old studio and I am SO READY to photograph you. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have stood by me in my time of grieving. To put in bluntly, the last two years have really stunk.  My journey goes on and it is all about photographing the beauty of your being. If you are in the mood for a boudoir shoot..... I can help! Need a sample of my work? I can do that

If boudoir is not for you, perhaps we can do a professional headshot

If headshots are not your thing and you would prefer some fashion photography, you may just have the right person for that. I love fashion and I love to design. 

At the present time, my first opening is in August. I look forward to work with you. All the very best. C